Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What to Do,...What to Do...

Here's my collection of fabrics for my next project.  I've actually been looking at them for over a week now!  I haven't settled on my plan, but I know I need to get to it and make something beautiful out of them!  I actually ♥ the prints that have wording, but they are probably the ones stumping my creative juices.  Of course, they are directional, but they are charming and I want to incorporate them right.  Check back for the finished product!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Special Gift for Rachel and Rosemary!

My cousin, Sara, is having twins!!!

She's hanging on (in the hospital on bed rest) at 33 weeks...and the girls are both well over 4 lbs. now!
I'm sending these special blankets her way to welcome
Rachel and Rosemary!

They look so adorable all tied up and ready to go!  I know she will ♥ them!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Not Christmas, But I thought I'd Share...

I'm such a perfectionist, most of the time, but there are those days when nothing seems to go the way I planned.  I was designing the special quilt below (Special Quilts...Miss Caroline) and found the most adorable embroideries to incorporate:  Fairies!  I ♥ed the little faces, the sweet, little girl outfits, and the rolled curls they had in their hair.  I adjusted colors with my digitizing program and made them 'just so' to match the green flowered fabric I was working with...and then...my long day of embroidering lots of little fairies became oh, so much longer.  The embroideries wouldn't embroider smooth; or the bobbin thread came up through the top in bubbles; or I'd complete one beautifully and then cut the 'on point' squares, incorrectly!!!  Uggh!  So...I'd tear off my stablizer and throw that fairy aside.  I just couldn't stand to toss something so adorable that took 50+ minutes to embroider...with lots of color changes.  Once I finally completed all the fairies I needed for Miss Caroline's beautiful quilt...I kept looking back over at those ones I had cut wrong.  What to do, what to do?  I'd started making Christmas stockings for other clients...mostly 'school spirit' inspired...and I thought...'wouldn't those make adorable stockings?'  Why yes, yes they would.  So I got to work...with my quilt scraps...and here's what I made!!!  I ♥ them!  They are so charming...and perfect for the two little girls I sent them too!!!  They ♥ed their Christmas surprise!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Spit up...YUCK!!!

While spit up isn't something even a mother desires, my burp cloths may be just the fun accessory a mommy needs!  Something chic, something fun...and something extremely durable and washable!!! 

These burp cloth sets are packaged in pairs; are trifold; backed in silky, soft, quality mink; and are custom embroidered!  Check them out!!!

Every mommy needs some!

Embroidery Designs by MM Embroidery Designs
Available Online at http://www.oregonpatchworksmall.com/

Special Quilts for Special Little Ones!

I'm a Facebook junkie...yes...junkie!!!  I love being in contact with people:  People I know now, people I knew then,...just people! 

I've sewn for my own children and for friends for years, but within the past year, I started to share my talent with pictures on Facebook!  Low and behold...my orders for custom products multiplied!  I ♥ it! 

Here are a few pics of special gifts I made for people I have never even met!!!  Thanks, girls for loving my pictures enough to want me to create lovable, treasured keepsakes for your precious little ones!

Fairies for little Miss Caroline!!!

Jungle animals for little Sammy!!!

Sports Array!

Baby Duck Fan 36 x 36 Snuggle Blanket

Baby Beaver Fan 36 x 36 Snuggle Blanket

Take Me Out to the Ballgame 36 x 36 Snuggle Blanket

We ♥ Texas Football Burp Cloth

Boys, boys, boys...

♥   ♥   ♥

Meet my boys:  Taylor (8),
Cody (6),
and Riley (4)!

♥   ♥   ♥

I sew for me, but I sew for them!!!

I watched my mom sew my entire childhood to make ends meet...and as I got older, she made her sewing passion into a "big" career!!!  She's amazing...and incredibly successful!  Her embroidery designs (MM Embroidery Designs) are available for purchase at http://www.oregonpatchworks.com/.

As a mom to 3 young boys, I've realized that the retail industry is much more focused towards little girls!!!  You can find such adorable stuff for girls...and although there are some cute things for boys, there tends to be much more basic stuff than "special" stuff!  The sewing "gift" my mom gave me has allowed me to make all those special things that I desired for my boys!

Boys ♥ sports...my boys ♥ sports,...so guess what, I have designed with "sports" in mind!!!  I search for adorable sports oriented embroideries and incorporate them into burp cloths and quilts that anyone would ♥ to have for their little boy!!!